Ohlone Greenway, Oakland CA

The Ohlone Greenway is a walking and biking path running 4.5 miles through Oakland, CA. Built at the same time as the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) extension it runs along the former right of way of the Santa Fe Railroad which was used for BART. The Ohlone Greenway covers BART tracks in some places and runs below the elevated tracks in others.

Southwest Corridor, Boston MA

The Southwest Corridor Park and Orange Line extension is a 4.6 mile long parkway and transit line extending through Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. It was the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the canceled Southwest Expressway plan which would have displaced hundreds of families and divided a neighborhood. The project featured a rerouted below grade Orange Line and Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor with parks along side and build above the train line. Instead of dividing the neighborhood the park and transit serve to knit it closer together.

StationSoccer at West End Station, Atlanta GA

In 2018, in an effort to bring free soccer programs to underserved youth, the Atlanta based not-for-profit Soccer in the Streets partnered with the City of Atlanta and MARTA to develop an empty parcel of land below the elevated metro tracks at the West End station into two soccer fields.

BC Parkway and SkyTrain, Vancouver BC

The BC Parkway is a 16.1 mile walking and biking path running below the elevated Expo Line of Vancouver’s SkyTrain. It connects Vancouver with suburbs New Westminster and Surry.

The Underline, Miami FL

When Miami’s Metrorail opened in 1984 it featured a walking and bike path below the elevated tracks called the MetroPath which runs for 10.5 miles. After years of neglect a push was made to renovate the path and it was rebranded as the Underline.  Construction is taking place in segments with the first segment planned to open in 2020.