Connecting Communities
with Rails & Trails

With no new land left we need to rethink how we utilize the space we have left. Combining a new park with transit is a creative solution.

Residents along the corridor will have new options for getting around the city. Existing riders will have more service and a faster trip.

More transit means less need to drive and fewer cars means safer roads and less pollution.

By rebuilding the Rockaway Beach Branch right of way we have the potential to add 33 new acres of parks and protected bike paths.

The MTA Rockaway Beach Branch study found that over 47,000 riders would use the line a day if it was reactivated as a subway. But with the additional service added by extending the G, the QueensLink would help over 225,000 riders a day in Queens.

QueensLink has partnered with the transportation firm TEMS, Inc to produce a new report showing that the original MTA study cost estimate was inflated.

Our report shows that the actual costs of building the QueensLink are not $8 billion but a more reasonable $3.4-$3.7 billion.

Further, our report shows that the city, over the course of the lifetime of the line, would benefit greatly from this investment, including:

  • up to 150,000 new jobs
  • up to $13 billion increase in personal income
  • up to $75 billion increase in property value

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Why the QueensLink?

Seventeen (17) city, state, and federal officials have signed on to our letter of support asking the NYS Gov Kathy Hochul and NYC Mayor Eric Adams to fund an Environmental Impact Statement for the QueensLink. The EIS will move us one step closer to the transit justice Queens deserves.

“Transportation equity is a major issue in our city that must be confronted. I have begun working on it as the new chair of the City Council's Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. It requires addressing the needs of neighborhoods that have suffered from divestment, long commutes, often in two-fare zones, and a lack of transit access. A comprehensive EIS for QueensLink will provide the information needed to achieve transit equity and be sensitive to the quality of life concerns of our neighbors along the right-of-way,”

Selvena Brooks-Powers City Council Member

``My community for far too long has faced the label of a transit desert because we have not seen the true investment in transportation that we deserve. QueensLink is the transportation project my community needs. To move this project forward is common sense and will put years of just talking behind us. Funding the EIS will put our community on track to a future in which transit equity is the norm and investments will be plentiful.”

Stacey Pheffer-Amato NYS Assemblywoman

“Common sense projects like QueensLink provide additional benefits to the opportunities created by an enhanced subway system. I’m very excited about QueensLink as it will provide motorists with a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to having to drive on Woodhaven Boulevard and the Van Wyck Expressway. If we’re serious about reducing carbon emissions and making our local roads safer then we have to build the infrastructure to support it.``

Bob Holden City Council Member
Gregory Meeks

United States Congress, 5th District

Jumaane Williams

Public Advocate

Brad Lander

New York City Comptroller

James Sanders, Jr.

New York State Senate, District 10

Jessica Ramos

New York State Senate, District 13

Joseph Addabbo, Jr.

New York State Senate, District 15

Julia Salazar

New York State Senate, District 18

Kristen Gonzalez

New York State Senate, District 59

Stacey Pheffer Amato

New York State Assembly, District 23

David Weprin

New York State Senate, District 24

Andrew Hevisi

New York State Assembly, District 28

Khaleel Anderson

New York State Assembly, District 31

Jenifer Rajkumar

New York State Assembly, District 28

Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas

New York State Assembly, District 34

Donovan Richards

Queens Borough President

Natasha Williams

New York City Council, District 27

Robert Holden

New York City Council, District 30

Selvena Brooks-Powers

New York City Council, District 31

Joann Ariola

New York City Council, District 32

Khalsa Community Patrol (Richmond Hill)